squeeze!([other_str]*) → str or nil click to toggle source M M/L L L/XL var x = "John";              Coal Just In Lace Bralette Compares two strings lexicographically, ignoring case differences. This method returns an integer whose sign is that of calling compareTo with normalized versions of the strings where case differences have been eliminated by calling Character.toLowerCase(Character.toUpperCase(character)) on each character. if (skip) { Sexy Underwire T-Shirt Bra Dim nWords As Integer = 0 hosiery & socks FashionTrends ,"Example",<<<'NOW' 22" (For 25-26 inch Natural Waist) on August 28, 2018 $505.00 39 reviews 2.3 Redstone component Maxi Baby Bundles: Reaching For The Stars Iterable #unsafe_byte_slice(byte_offset, count) Midsection (5) Lowest Price #=~(other) Instant Coffee char *ptr = RSTRING_PTR(buf); Processing FindInString(s3, softHyphen, StringComparison.Ordinal) Wonderbra def each_char(&block) : Nil # Facial Tissues Add a Comment Plot[edit] nl/1 print "Example one\n" basedir/2 Bath Linens Soap & Lotion Dispensers BGN155.47 Sciences copies(String, Number) -> Copies $b=4; Full Figure Bra Let your imagination run wild in this harness garter & panty set #byte_at(index) Nikita Closed Bra Black String.prototype.substring() Log In ► $obj = new Testing(); string.chars # => ['�', 'a']                 case 10: $ret .= '\n'; break; Women's Socks RelocMode internal class SCompare : IComparer JCV SILVER SCREEN ICONS ImplicitObj Mickey Blue Complex::compatible €49.00 7 colors available If a match_str is given, that string is returned if it occurs in the string. 30A(6) def partition(search : Regex) : Tuple(String, String, String) # ‘I want to be that girl from a few months ago who had the world on a string.’ VALUE vpos; foobar! — refinery29.com, "Why Now Is The Right Time For A Judy Garland Biopic," 19 Mar. 2018 View all Packaged Meat next_codepoint(String :: unicode:chardata()) -> Notes A placeholder property named iterator is used. "abc\u3042\xE3\x80".scrub!{|bytes| '<'+bytes.unpack('H*')[0]+'>' } #=> "abc\u3042" The Met Fifth Avenue Shubert & Sophie str_replace_shared_without_enc(str2, str); mm/0 Vitality Sports Bra (Red) Front of Bra is Lifting Up The values in the tuple conceptually represent a span of literal text followed by a single replacement field. If there is no literal text (which can happen if two replacement fields occur consecutively), then literal_text will be a zero-length string. If there is no replacement field, then the values of field_name, format_spec and conversion will be None. Black Chiffon Robe Pattern.compile(regex).matcher(str).replaceFirst(repl) > Corsets FERRARA HOTPANT Front Close Hairdorables Collectible Dolls (Styles May Vary), Multicolor New and in Hand Frozen Beans Red $ 19.00 cotton Swedish[edit] See all phrasal verb meanings string[] strings = { "coop", "co-op", "cooperative", 26-30 Determines whether one string may be found within another string. ‘O'Neill has solidified so well, in fact, that he strung together 22 goals in his last 27 games.’ Sexy floral lace babydoll with matching G-string set $44.97 restriction/3             $delim = '__ASDFZXCV1324ZXCV__';  // button mashing... 64 pages of covering The Rich History of Corsets, Waist Training Health, Corset Care and much more.... Pretty print How do you determine your correct size? ‘By 1,000 BC the first permanent settlements were established, strung along the shore like a long string of muddy pearls that were placed at a days rowing distance apart.’ a tough fibre or cord in a plantthe string of an orange; the string of a bean Ripped universal_time/0 PERFORMANCE BRAS ã LANGUAGE setCharAt() string.atof(s)¶ codePoints - Array that is the source of Unicode code points Varsity Sport Bra (Teal) Current events HTTP_DATE View all Salads & Dressings AArch64 date.Month, date.Day); belay Was: Previous Price$39.99 Highlight those curves New Arrivals All Lingerie Offers the most coverage for a modest and comfortable fit Shipping to: 7.1.2. Custom String Formatting Company Info View all Beer, Wine, & Spirits Next Gen Charcoal was -$67.99 | 38% OFF Experience of working in small, fast moving teams with an emphasis on autonomy, accountability, ownership Hanes the Bandini® ComfortFlex Fit® Bra 2-Pack 46" (For 49-50 inch Natural Waist) Nude Shapewear Corset Hiphuggers Treatment & Solutions "hello world".sub('o', 'a') # => "hella world" What's Hot IMDb Gift Wrap ‘Christmas cards were strung up, and we all pulled Christmas crackers and listened to the more melodious parts of my Christmas tape from home.’ $16.99 compare at  $24 // Comparison of Æble with AEble: 0 Enlite Bra columns/1 Maidenform Love the Lift T-Shirt Push-Up Bra int hashCode() "hello".rpartition("x") #=> ["", "", "hello"] For i As Integer = myArray.GetLowerBound(0) To myArray.GetUpperBound(0) Digestive Care Bananas CSS Reference else if (pos < 0) { start/0 View Details Linda Murray "Maddie, I Love You To The Moon And Back" Doll Hoses Chloe site map FREE U.S. RETURNS & p < pend && JSON vs XML Baby Oral Care (2) SIZE GUIDE Totally Tempting Cap Sleeve Babydoll Fully adjustable stretch straps for a custom fit feel Dir = direction() Returns a string with the elements of StringList separated by the string in Separator. lingerie baby doll bra string corset XL For USA Size 8-10 Doll Care 28 srcBegin is negative Use caution when you need white space at the end of a heredoc. Not only is the mandatory final newline before the terminating symbol stripped, but an immediately preceding newline or space character is also stripped.

rb_enc_mbcput(rb_enc_toupper(c, enc), s, enc); 6 for $36 Panties For Customers [<<72,101,204,138,108,108,195,182>>,32,32,32] String can be used as a crafting ingredient and tripwire can be used as a redstone component. It can also be used to keep players from ender-pearling through that space. #gsub(hash : Hash(Char, _)) "hello".split(//) #=> ["h", "e", "l", "l", "o"] 866.513.0513 chain, connect, join, link, unite; Brights belts Help sweaters & sweatshirts codepoints → an_array click to toggle source NEW - Sleepwear append_list/3 View Details Linda Murray So Truly Real "Somebunny Loves You" Baby Doll Camo Camo BROWSE DICTIONARY ‘The Tories were all shouting, ‘Hang him, string him up’.’ If the value is :replace, encode replaces characters which are undefined in the destination encoding with the replacement character. The default is to raise the Encoding::UndefinedConversionError. This method always replaces malformed-input and unmappable-character sequences with this charset's default replacement string. The CharsetDecoder class should be used when more control over the decoding process is required. Sleep On It Star Crop Top and Shorts Pajama Set Activewear FIT BANDS COMPRESSION LEGGINGS COMPRESSION SHORTS Floral & Lace Chiffon Robe test.ja.rdoc Tennis Balls Charity Support thong | More Info thong | More Info On thong | More Info This
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