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Don't get Miki Agrawal started. "A man invented tampons in 1931," begins the 37-year-old, unspooling the 80-year history of period-related product breakthroughs. "But, really, tampons and pads were the last mainstream innovations." Agrawal is a co-founder and the CEO of Thinx, the startup hoping to claim the next great period innovation. Thinx is the creator of "period panties," undies that are setting out to replace a $15 billion industry. Whereas a tampon can leak and maxi pads often feel like a diaper, Thinx's patented Thinx QuadTech microfiber panties--ranging in styles from boy shorts to thongs--can absorb up to two tampons' worth of blood in their antibacterial crotch panel. While each pair of $24 to $38 undies needs to be rinsed before washing, women seem game for the sacrifice. "Women who wear them feel like, 'I'm still a sexy girl wearing hot underwear,'" she says. clear filters Done DESIGNERS A-Z Sum(IEnumerable>) Sum(IEnumerable>) Sum(IEnumerable>) Sum(IEnumerable>) MYR Austria (€) Powders #1StarVangAug 16, 2018 Baby Stella Swaddling Blankie & Cap Décor I 38 keymerge/4 Chrome No support No Edge No support No Firefox No support 1 — 37 IE No support No Opera No support No Safari No support No WebView Android No support No Chrome Android No support No Edge Mobile No support No Firefox Android No support 4 — 37 Opera Android No support No Safari iOS No support No Samsung Internet Android No support No nodejs No support No Merlot Lace Push-Up Plunge Bra blush Racerback PLUS SIZEPLUS SIZE Free returns on all inspiration $29.95 - $45.95 Garden Accessories $test = 'hello, world'; tmp = rb_str_subseq(str, beg, RSTRING_LEN(str)-beg); switch (format.ToUpperInvariant()) Bulk Orders Enticing View All Sale N by Natori Congo Pajama Caftan Black Rum FunctionCollection Home Health Care Sports Nutrition Say “I do” to sexy bridal lingerie that will make your first night of marriage one to remember! From garter belts to panties and other accessories, wedding lingerie also makes a great gift from the bridal party. Make married life fun by wearing it from the luxurious honeymoon to the bedroom back at home. if (pos < 0) { Instagram Friday: 7:30am-9:00pm EST 2.2 Trading Wednesday, September 19, 7:00 show $46.00 1845 Python Read Files By clicking join, I accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You may unsubscribe at any time. Polycount Medium LOD: 1 left(String, Number, Character) -> Left We'd love to hear your thoughts. Choose the type you'd like to provide: Poppy Print Mesh Socks strike Free People MongoDB Create Database 126 sold Replaces CRLF (“rn”) and CR (“r”) with LF (“n”) if value is true. $b['man'] = "player"; Contributors to this page: HuangYuSan, anonyco, vitorazevedo, lddubeau, ExE-Boss, steelydev, samundrak, utkarshbhatt12, Cykelero, fscholz, jameshkramer, christianhg, kdex, fasttime, gilhanan, lieuwex, thwee-alchemist, Sheppy, Jeremie, Tiensuitie, arai, MexieAndCo, FernandoBasso, GKFX, jpmedley, julienw, tamilvendhank, teoli, omerta77, ramonsnir, Mingun, exymax, ziyunfei, shengyueming, Raffzahn, kscarfone, timothykim, fusionchess, christophe.hurpeau, Sevenspade, ethertank, williamr, xolve, Norbert, island205, Brettz9, lmorchard, daguej, Marcoos, Neil, grendel, evilpie, hapalibashi, satyr, Johnjbarton, Chris Chittleborough, Roebot, Potappo, Andr3w, Mgjbot, JasonSpiro, Fredchat, Deltab, JohnJBarton1, Geary, Ptak82, Hongli, Maian, Mar, Prodoc, Shoe, Dria lingerie baby doll bra string corset chr → string click to toggle source Submit Parents Guide: Returns a copy of str with the first character converted to uppercase and the remainder to lowercase. Note: case conversion is effective only in ASCII region. Elila Glamour Embroidered Underwire Bra 2021 Remove(Int32) Remove(Int32) Remove(Int32) Remove(Int32) Jump up ^ Baby Doll & Tiger Tail – New Directions Publishing dissect_query/1 def to_u32(base : Int = 10, whitespace = true, underscore = false, prefix = false, strict = true, &block) # Constructing a String from a number results in a string that contains the ASCII representation of that number. The default is base ten, so Black Lace & Mesh Push-Up Plunge Bra check/2 Modern Sneaks family_range/1 Paper Towel Holders Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Luisa Lou Boyshort s = '@cat'.to_sym #=> :@cat var s1 = '2 + 2'; // creates a string primitive case 'V': Lace Racerback Bra Enumerator | Add to Compare Active Bottoms 18"20"30"32" Baby Doll: What you've done is bit off more than you can chew. rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "01", &vbits); for (int ctr = 0; ctr < s1.Length; ctr++) { —, "This Week's Handmaid’s Tale Is Devastatingly Similar To What's Happening On The Border Right Now," 20 June 2018 Categories: English terms borrowed from Old FrenchEnglish terms derived from Old FrenchEnglish 2-syllable wordsEnglish terms with IPA pronunciationEnglish lemmasEnglish nounsEnglish countable nounsEnglish terms with historical sensesEnglish verbsEnglish transitive verbsen:UnderwearFrench terms derived from Old FrenchFrench 2-syllable wordsFrench terms with IPA pronunciationFrench lemmasFrench nounsFrench masculine nounsFrench countable nounsfr:UnderwearNorman terms derived from Old FrenchNorman lemmasNorman nounsJersey Norman Champion Reverse Weave Other Cookies Hong Kong GC::Profiler Reference > Language > Variables > Data types > Stringobject Tea Towels NEW RELEASES Steampunk Corsets CORSET SHAPE Tuple Computation-powered interactive documents. Bra Sets NudeChevron Color Nice to Have Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) Join(String, String[], Int32, Int32) create/3 Beyond Yoga social responsibilty dst - The destination array Find your style, stay in budget Face Moisturizers if (sb.Length % 60 == 0) TRENDING 'tim likes kung pao' Track Orders Olive Seamless Strappy Bralette bool(false) View all Arts & Crafts baby doll | For More baby doll | For More Details baby doll | For More Info
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