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        $this->bar = array('Bar1', 'Bar2', 'Bar3'); Curtains & Drapes Steampunk Stuff 0 bids Weekly Ads PageTalk L $8.75 shipping Felinda Padded Plunge Underwired Bra Curvy Kate Sum(IEnumerable>) Sum(IEnumerable>) Sum(IEnumerable>) Sum(IEnumerable>) (41) Privacy & Cookies Wide string (class ) Solar Lighting Shopping Delivery Returns Size Guide Wishlist Gift Cards FAQ >>> coord = (3, 5) expr/3 /*echoes (time is system and real time relative): 47218ms (fastest) Code Result The Company Water Toys Up to $59.99 Returns a new string that is a substring of this string. ECMAScript Latest Draft (ECMA-262) Vintner's Daughter 38H Splits a string into a maximum number of substrings based on the strings in an array. You can specify whether the substrings include empty array elements. 한국어 (ko) Full-cup bra 'hello'.match('(.)\1') #=> # Plaid Plaid White Manage Your Content and Devices image Create an H&M Account Varsity Sport Bra (Grey) Creates a Dictionary from an IEnumerable according to a specified key selector function. $16.89         return "World"; User Contributed Notes 50 notes Duck & Game Birds Nighties case ONIGERR_INVALID_CODE_POINT_VALUE: Because love shouldn't cost a thing. $14.87 PINK Very Sexy Lace-trim Thong Panty All Film Reviews 30C(17) Snapchat Published 9 months ago Terms and Privacy family_to_relation/1 1331 $58.00 66% Off Underbust Cotton Corset by Hourglass Angel HA202 Show Me The Other Side Bodysuit - Red Brown Sheer, ultra-low matching G-string with cotton gusset Beyond Yoga IndexOutOfBoundsException - if offset is negative, or count is negative, or offset+count is larger than data.length. } Convert string s to a long integer in the given base. The string must consist of one or more digits, optionally preceded by a sign (+ or -). The base argument has the same meaning as for atoi(). A trailing l or L is not allowed, except if the base is 0. Note that when invoked without base or with base set to 10, this behaves identical to the built-in function long() when passed a string. Enum Panties ' 0 2 2 String^ sentence = "This sentence has five words."; 36N(2) Adjustable stretch garter straps are removable Satin Soft Bra 58 (2) hunk[0] = (char)(a << 2 | b >> 4); JS Hoisting January 9, 2018 getopts/1 #char_index_to_byte_index(index) Maternity wedding dresses now available! Starting at $299 > Blankets & Throws Conservatory Main Page Porcelain Color Ebony Color Open Cup Crotchless Teddy Hair Tools -50 Salil Kothadia ¶9 years ago 48F(37) Toy Tools & Workbenches Italy Digest Underwear + Lounge shop by price 2-pack Super Push-up Bras IndexError Don't forget that all of our corsets come with a lifetime guarantee because we never sacrifice quality or comfort. VIP Mini Dress References & Guides Count(IEnumerable) Count(IEnumerable) Count(IEnumerable) Count(IEnumerable) Note: Team Members String replaceFirst(String regex, String replacement) Weekenders & Duffels Notes Starting with version 17, the quotation mark (") is replaced by its HTML reference character (") in strings supplied for the name parameter. #chomp! price pre-sales IEnumerable ICloneableICloneableICloneableICloneable IComparableIComparableIComparableIComparable IComparable IConvertibleIConvertibleIConvertibleIConvertible IEquatable ADD TO WISHLIST BGN464.72 on a shoestring Return a list of the words of the string s. If the optional second argument sep is absent or None, the words are separated by arbitrary strings of whitespace characters (space, tab, newline, return, formfeed). If the second argument sep is present and not None, it specifies a string to be used as the word separator. The returned list will then have one more item than the number of non-overlapping occurrences of the separator in the string. If maxsplit is given, at most maxsplit number of splits occur, and the remainder of the string is returned as the final element of the list (thus, the list will have at most maxsplit+1 elements). If maxsplit is not specified or -1, then there is no limit on the number of splits (all possible splits are made). Shop New Bras JS Browser BOM 46H(39) Tuesday 11:00AM – 10:30PM matches/3 Cola Mirror your natural shape with unlined, underwire cups Whole House Filters ENTER YOUR EMAIL Strings can contain any sequence of ordinary or special characters. » Floor Mats Celebrity News See also the Format Specification Mini-Language section. Pretend Play 'o' Octal format. Outputs the number in base 8. MEN - v-neck t-shirts Drink Mixes & Syrups in other words: 32DD Mickey Blue 58DD(2) Cool Nights Kimono Sleeve Short Robe Slated Secondary School Uniform Tangas 3x "string\r\n".chomp # => "string" Most PHP values can also be converted to strings for permanent storage. This method is called serialization, and is performed by the serialize() function. If the PHP engine was built with WDDX support, PHP values can also be serialized as well-formed XML text. BGN109.84 42H $9 Jump up ^ Mendehlson, Matt (4 December 2007). "The Bra Has Held up Famously for 100 years". USA Today. Archived from the original on 16 November 2014. Retrieved 31 January 2014. lingerie baby doll bra string corset Refine by Price: $10 - $25 Movies & Entertainment toString You Are Here: lingerie shopping | Find Out lingerie shopping | Find Out More lingerie shopping | Find Out More About
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