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However, this film is not available on Blu-ray as of 2016 (which is a crime against film itself) so, for once, I highly recommend the digital HD version of a film. Baby Doll is one of the funniest and most complex films of the era, owing largely to Kazan and Wallach for their unparalleled talents, but also to Malden and Baker for their spectacularly creative and oddly eccentric performances as two of the most remarkably unique and compelling characters from the mind of the great Tennessee Williams. Where I generally would say get the DVD, the DVD is quite inferior in this case, as Kazan put so much into photographing the subtle and nuanced facial alterations of these actors, particularly Wallach, and, having only ever seen a low-definition version of this, I was shocked to discover that I had missed the meaning of several interchanges between Wallach's and Baker's characters which hint at the original ending to the film (an ending Kazan refused to film, on moral grounds). If you have never seen this, the HD is the only way to go. If you have, you should re-watch it in HD. And, if we are all very lucky, TCM will put out a Blu-ray in partnership with whoever owns the rights. The Seamless Busty Bralette $35 Fangirl foreach (string formName in Enum.GetNames(typeof(NormalizationForm))) Cami Packs Camis & Tanks Essential T's Longsleeves Pinball Games in Pinball Playfields Film Editing Sequences Corset Memoirs ‘There are metallic overtones and an accompanying percussive sound, as if something were pounding upon an electric guitar's strings.’ transcode.c Flora Nikrooz Marshal Low Impact Wicking Mesh No-Wire Sport Bra Incline Bra Linus Under $25 This function is obsolete use lowercase/1, uppercase/1, titlecase/1 or casefold/1. 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