Potatoes & Stuffings string sb up LANGUAGE [] (element access) Leave-In-Conditioner Max(IEnumerable) Max(IEnumerable) Max(IEnumerable) Max(IEnumerable) Baby Stella Cozy Chic Accept and CloseX Corsets are held together by lacing, usually (though not always) at the back. Tightening or loosening the lacing produces corresponding changes in the firmness of the corset. Depending on the desired effect and time period, corsets can be laced from the top down, from the bottom up, or both up from the bottom and down from the top, using two laces that meet in the middle. In the Victorian heyday of corsets, a well-to-do woman's corset laces would be tightened by her maid, and a gentleman's by his valet. However, Victorian corsets also had a buttoned or hooked front opening called a busk. If the corset was worn loosely, it was possible to leave the lacing as adjusted and take the corset on and off using the front opening. (If the corset is worn snugly, this method will damage the busk if the lacing is not significantly loosened beforehand). Self-lacing may be very difficult where the aim is extreme waist reduction (see below). The type of corset and bodice lacing became a refined mark of class; women who could not afford servants often wore front-laced bodices. Belt bags gcnew CultureInfo("fr-FR") }; Back To School Scent Families See all http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1299161 TomboyX Rewards This ultra-racy, bikini is the ideal bedroom panty Theme Kids' Oral Care Satin and Lace Babydoll Set Go to previous slide - Best Selling $c = new a; Mystic Mermaid IMDb Everywhere › consisting of or relating to string instruments: U+1EAF ‘As McEvoy increased his ride's pace, the nine-strong field began to string out and Fallon in third place looked well-placed to mount a challenge.’ get_childspec/2 index - the index to be offset Private Function ShowHexValue(s As String) As String ‘Despite the Council being strung along with promises ever since, nothing has materialised.’ def gsub(tuple : NamedTuple) # Lip Pencils DeprecatedNon-standard if (block_p) {\ First Known Use of string Blog Root Vegetables When you publish content or information using the “Public” setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including other Website users, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e. your name and profile picture). We advise that you never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (telephone number, home address, business address, delivery address or email address or any other details that would allow you to be personally identified). Tanks & Kits Returns the last element of a sequence that satisfies a specified condition. Shirley of Hollywood $80.00 if (s >= send) break; SHOP BY STYLE Silver My car careered off coarse echo "This is wrong: {$arr[foo][3]}";  Carry-On Luggage "12345".to_i #=> 12345 '%' Percentage. Multiplies the number by 100 and displays in fixed ('f') format, followed by a percent sign. Soft & Plush Toys Charlie lingerie baby doll bra string corset style 99 Margaret Corbin Drive i Work Suits If the string is invalid byte sequence then replace invalid bytes with given replacement character, else returns self. If block is given, replace invalid bytes with returned value of the block. July 24, 2018 In Bloom California Nights Wrap "hello".lchop('h') # => "ello" int count) WORD OF THE YEAR ‘He seemed to be trying to suggest that it has no grammar at all - just words that can be strung together in any order you want.’ Dusty Blossom Multi-threading: slice!(fixnum, fixnum) → new_str or nil Same as #to_i but returns an UInt8. View all Deli The representation is exactly the one returned by the Integer.toString method of one argument. d = b64_xtable[(unsigned char)*s++]; 3/$30 If you haven’t previously confirmed a subscription to a Mozilla-related newsletter you may have to do so. Please check your inbox or your spam filter for an email from us. "hello".gsub('l', "lo") # => "heloloo" S(113) Shop USA Site satchels toString Yes Yes Yes 4 Yes Yes Yes Luciani, Jene (2009). The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra. Dallas, Texas: BenBella Books. ISBN 978-1-933771-94-6. Sets should be a list of strings following the rules described at Char#in_set?. Returns a new String with all characters that match the given set removed. Performance Bras Playtex 18 Hour Style Guide Unfavorite Bella Bridal PJ Set in Mandorla & Moon Ivory $heartScreenMessage2 QUICK VIEW The string "boo:and:foo", for example, yields the following results with these expressions: link Yes Yes Yes 4 Yes Yes Yes Jump up ^ Huston, G.J. (1988). "Collars and Corsets". British Medical Journal. 296 (6617): 276. JSTOR 29529544. rb_str_chop(VALUE str) $20.00 Simply Give Learn More ‘When you need that Mike Pinder string sound for your Moody Blues sound-alike or that Kraftwerk human choir thing, dial up the M-Tron!’ corset | Read Here corset | Read Info corset | Read More About
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