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All the rules for heredoc identifiers also apply to nowdoc identifiers, especially those regarding the appearance of the closing identifier. I bought my wife two pair of this thong. She said it was very comfortable. She looke great with it on! Very sexy Noodle & Pasta Kits Words We're Watching: 'Copypasta'                    end Within these two broad categories of underbust and overbust are a number of more specific silhouettes. The silhouette refers to the shape of a corset (or the shape it will give you). Many of these silhouettes are inspired by historical eras. For example, a Victorian-style silhouette tends to use a classic hourglass shape, while an Edwardian-style corset has a trademark "S-bend" that tips the body forward. One popular overbust shape, especially for first-time corset wearers, is the sweetheart neckline. As the name implies, the bust area of the corset dips in the center, just over the breastbone, and then rounds over the top of each breast, giving a heart-shaped outline to the bust (this is often paired with a Victorian silhouette for the waist and torso). define('qwe', 'asd'); In 1950, E.A. Meister, then president of the Royal Worcester Corset Co., donated a collection of 171 corsets to the Brooklyn Museum in the memory of Isidor Roth, his father-in-law and former president of the company,who had assembledthe collection. The stated dual purpose of the donation was to honor Mr. Roth for his outstanding contributions to the growth of the field of corsetry and to establish a place where the collection could be used as a resource for the history of corsetry. Coconut Water Grips & Accessories View as Grid view List view Visit Other Sports Warehouse Websites Dim ch As Char = "æ"c ' U+00E6 Crayons View Details Cheryl Hill "Little Love Bug" Poseable Baby Doll Jump up ^ "Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank". Archived from the original on 26 December 2010. Retrieved 6 April 2011. 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