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Eliminate back bulge with wide, smoothing back wings New Color Compares substrings of two specified String objects, ignoring or honoring their case, and returns an integer that indicates their relative position in the sort order. update/3 See all 90 customer reviews MY CART shopping Mass-produced bras are manufactured to fit a prototypical woman standing with both arms at her sides. The design assumes that both breasts are equally sized and symmetrical.[28] Bra design assumes that a women's breasts are both equally sized and symmetrical. Manufacturing a well-fitting bra is a challenge since the garment is supposed to be form-fitting but women's breasts may sag, vary in volume, width, height, shape, and position on the chest.[29][30][31] Manufacturers make standard bra sizes that provide a "close" fit, however even a woman with accurate measurements can have a difficult time finding a correctly fitted bra because of the variations in sizes between different manufacturers. Some manufacturers create "vanity sizes" and deliberately mis-state the size of their bras in an attempt to persuade women that they are slimmer and more buxom.[32][33] rb_str_modify(str); Cup Lining Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Home Delivery We’re confident you’ll love the fit, feel, and style of our bras. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, we'd love to help. Exchanges & returns are easy and free. 2010 Annual Report A highly structured garment, which extends from bust to hip, although it will vary in length. Most bustiers have flexible boning throughout the body of the garment for additional shaping, and close in the back with a long column of hooks and eyes. Additional features may include removable or convertible straps or garters. Smooth bustiers are perfect under special occasion-wear as they provide both shaping and uplift. IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() If the measurement was even, add 4 inches to that number. If the measurement was an odd number, add 5 inches. This is to ensure the final number is even. For example, if your measurement was 32, you would add 4 inches for a final band size of 36. MySQL Select B TEMPT D BY WACOAL 3pk Lace Kiss Thongs Q-T Intimates(70) 3. Example of string This is a comfy bra for long wearing times. 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Jump to navigationJump to search Signum Pro String Everyday Tank Top Bralette Organic Cotton Ivory $36.00 Hanes Perfect Coverage ComfortFlex Fit® Wirefree Bra Kids Room var x = new String("John");              string along with (someone or something) a string of fish AJAX ASP RegClass Private Messages cmp/2 25 brand new from $34.44 Compares this string with other, returning -1, 0 or +1 depending on whether this string is less, equal or greater than other, optionally in a case_insensitive manner. › also US pull wires to use your power or influence to get what you want: Protocol FindInString(s3, "\u00AD", StringComparison.Ordinal); Black Lace Trimmed Slip Dr. Seuss Wedding if (rb_enc_asciicompat(STR_ENC_GET(str))) Unfavorite Robin Robe in Ivory $heartScreenMessage2 QUICK VIEW any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court, or other third party where we believe disclosure is necessary: (i) as a matter of applicable law or regulation; (ii) to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights; or (iii) to protect your vital interests or those of any other person; "ab☃".each_char_with_index do |char, index| In the Mississippi Delta, failing, bigoted, middle-aged cotton gin owner Archie Lee Meighan (Karl Malden) has been married to pretty, empty-headed 19-year-old virgin Baby Doll Meighan (Carroll Baker) for two years. Archie Lee impatiently waits for Baby Doll's 20th birthday just a few days away when, by prior agreement with Baby Doll's dying father, the marriage can finally be consummated. In the meantime, Baby Doll still sleeps in a crib, wearing childishly short-nightgowns and sucking her thumb, while Archie, an alcoholic, spies on her through a hole in a wall of their decrepit antebellum mansion, Tiger Tail. Baby Doll's senile Aunt Rose Comfort (Mildred Dunnock) lives in the house as well and is (lightly) terrorized by Archie Lee. 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