Lamb & Veal Log in to your Account encode(encoding [, options] ) → str click to toggle source Because corsets shape the figure through non-stretch fabrics and steel boning, it's critical to both choose the appropriate size and purchase from a quality brand. Many items that are called corsets aren't true corsets but are instead bustiers or girdles. Attempting to "lace down" in a poorly-made corset can not only damage the corset, it can cause discomfort or trouble breathing. Fortunately, you can find good-quality but still budget-friendly underbust corsets suitable for beginners starting at about $75. Applies to Silk Floral Brocade Corset 40b Italy (€) Brogues str[3] = "\b" $53.00 View all Powdered Drinks & Mixers Python Read Files Little Mommy® Dress Up Cuties™ Baby Doll $55.99 - $75.00 attribute/1 "hello".gsub('l', "lo") # => "heloloo" For underbust corsets, popular styles include the classic, which ends just below the bust; the Waspie, or waist cincher, which ends lower on the ribs and higher on the hips to focus on shaping on the waist; and the pointed cincher, which ends in points at the top and bottom. Maximum Playability String Trailers User Lists Returns the minimum value in a generic sequence. Any single expression, however complex, that starts with $ (i.e., a variable) can be {}-embedded in a double-quoted string: Join Us Back to sign in "Gross, fratty, and ego-driven," says Meika Hollender, describing the marketing plastered onto most condoms. Bro-marketing would be logical for condom com­panies except for the fact that they've long ignored a massive business opportunity. "Forty percent of all condoms are purchased by women, and 21 percent of all sexually active single women use them regularly," says Hollender, co-founder of Sustain Condoms, which makes Fair Trade-certified, toxin-free prophylactics with modern, minimalist package design. In 2012, Hollender was getting her MBA at New York University when her father, Jeffrey, the co-founder of nontoxic cleaning-products pioneer Seventh Generation, told her about his decades-long desire to design a condom sourced from rubber that didn't add to deforestation. Meika, 29, explored all aspects of the condom business--from sustainability to sexual-health issues--and realized no one had ever built a condom company targeting women. "We won't ever do a pink box," she says. Home> torrid curve intimates > bras Cart atan/1 YAML def each_byte(&block) # // Return degrees in Kelvin. Camiknickers, camisole and knickers joined as one garment. Most commonly referred to as a teddy and, most recently, as a "romper." Zig Zag Netted Chemise Set F/G/H (1) is empty L!> Q!> | | "S>" is same as "n" // Culture-sensitive test for equality: Cool Mugs and Goblets 100 Greatest Scenes No Back 19 BodyWrap Return a hash based on the string's length, content and encoding. Cords, ropes, cables & string Bad Medicine Bralette Tights & Hosiery while (s < send) { Nude Microfiber 360 Back Smoothing™ Push-Up Plunge Bra GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() Almost Gone Fruit Salad string.printable¶ if (b64_xtable['/'] <= 0) { Archie Lee Meighan: No one is going to whistle at any woman of mine. // cooperative coop coop coop coeur DB5104 format_field() simply calls the global format() built-in. The method is provided so that subclasses can override it. Only in Dreams Striped Shirt and Shorts Pajama Set Seamless High-Neck Bralette Long Sleeve #136 on STARmeter Mix and Match Panties - 7 for $28 Explore our Fit Guide to find your best bra ever. .new(chars : Pointer(UInt8)) Steampunk movies that changed me Indicates whether the specified string is null or an Empty string. Bodystocking, a unitard. Bodystockings may be worn over the torso, or they may be worn over the thighs and abdomen. They are typically used by women in order to appear slimmer. 20" (For 24-25 inch Natural Waist) a string derived from this string by replacing every occurrence of oldChar with newChar. Concat(Object, Object) Concat(Object, Object) Concat(Object, Object) Concat(Object, Object) lingerie baby doll bra string corset Internally, PHP strings are byte arrays. As a result, accessing or modifying a string using array brackets is not multi-byte safe, and should only be done with strings that are in a single-byte encoding such as ISO-8859-1. Jump up ^ McGhee, Deirdre E.; Steele, Julie R. (November 2010). "Optimising breast support in female patients through correct bra fit. A cross-sectional study". Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 13 (6): 568–572. doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2010.03.003. PMID 20451452. spread out, space out, set apart, place at intervals, distribute, extend, fan out, scatter, straggle KWD Canned Beans BlackExcalibur Color Perfect Moment You can pluck the strings on a guitar with your fingers or a plectrum. cosh/1 test Etymology[edit] Returns a String where the first occurrence of char is replaced by replacement. A child's doll designed to look like a baby. Conservatory Main Page Organic Pouches rb_str_lstrip(VALUE str) Deprecated. This method does not properly convert bytes into characters. As of JDK 1.1, the preferred way to do this is via the String constructors that take a Charset, charset name, or that use the platform's default charset. "cœur", "coeur" } 1998 Liked! $5.22 Front-Hook Wireless Bra by Glamorise® $5.79 DD+ Bertram Steampunk Overbust Corset with Shrug Olive Lace Bralette scan(pattern) → array click to toggle source const VALUE *p, *pend; Trinity Sports Bra (Black/ White) Hush Puppies set_value/3 New Arrivals New: Premier Kit Get on the Waitlist 50% Off Select Styles Pants & Denim starting at $29 Back In Stock Announcing Jason Wu x ELOQUII Store Locator BodyType nightwear | For More nightwear | For More Details nightwear | For More Info
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