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The two kinds of operations can produce very different results when they are performed on the same string. SHIP IN THE US Designer Shoes FindInString(s2, "�u", StringComparison::Ordinal); // 07/10/2011 en-GB 10 7 Returns the string representation of the double argument. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, there was a brief revival of the corset in the form of the waist cincher sometimes called a "waspie". This was used to give the hourglass figure as dictated by Christian Dior's "New Look". However, use of the waist cincher was restricted to haute couture, and most women continued to use girdles. Waspies were also met with push back from women's organizations in the United States as well as female members of the London Parliament as corsetry had been forbidden under rationing during World War II.[14] This revival was brief, as the New Look gave way to a less dramatically-shaped silhouette. if (iter || !NIL_P(hash)) { CLEARANCE - women WILLOW Produces the set intersection of two sequences by using the specified IEqualityComparer to compare values. codePoints - Array that is the source of Unicode code points Band size too tight? Cup size too small? Enter your size below to find out your sister size. Baseballs & Softballs Bra was pretty but didn't fit right. This was returned for a refund Change Country new_bindings/0 goto fs_set; 34F Slimeball This style runs slightly smaller, so order a size up! Curious to see what your limits are in this crop top? With it's high neck design... Returns an array of lines in str split using the supplied record separator ($/ by default). This is a shorthand for str.each_line(separator).to_a. Download the App Women's Mixed Intimate Items demi cup(32) Convert string to long double (function template ) 64 pages of covering The Rich History of Corsets, Waist Training Health, Corset Care and much more.... $outstr = sprintf('literal%s%5$s%2$d%3$s%4$f%s', $n, $int, $data, $float, $data, $n); Sports Nutrition Men's Apparel $45.00 Atomic Pink Floral Underbust Corset HeatherGreyRed Color Waugh, Norah (1990). Corsets and Crinolines. Routledge. ISBN 0-87830-526-2. 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SHOP ALL Skincare By Concern See all Current Password New Password Save Changes del_element/2 lingerie baby doll bra string corset #encoding Pocket Sandwiches Forgot Password? Kady Lace Chemise $50.00 5> string:take("abc0z123", lists:seq($a,$z)). Los Angeles Times – Tennessee Williams: What Three Lesser Known Works Say About the Playwright’s Legacy sub(pattern, replacement) → new_str click to toggle source "ab☃".each_char_with_index do |char, index| Size Type "Gross, fratty, and ego-driven," says Meika Hollender, describing the marketing plastered onto most condoms. Bro-marketing would be logical for condom com­panies except for the fact that they've long ignored a massive business opportunity. "Forty percent of all condoms are purchased by women, and 21 percent of all sexually active single women use them regularly," says Hollender, co-founder of Sustain Condoms, which makes Fair Trade-certified, toxin-free prophylactics with modern, minimalist package design. In 2012, Hollender was getting her MBA at New York University when her father, Jeffrey, the co-founder of nontoxic cleaning-products pioneer Seventh Generation, told her about his decades-long desire to design a condom sourced from rubber that didn't add to deforestation. Meika, 29, explored all aspects of the condom business--from sustainability to sexual-health issues--and realized no one had ever built a condom company targeting women. "We won't ever do a pink box," she says. thong | Read Info thong | Read More About thong | Read More Here
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