DESIGNERS Pakistan Lace and Mesh Bodysuit srcBegin - Index of the first character in the string to copy The culture-sensitive sorting and casing rules used in string comparison depend on the version of the .NET Framework. In the .NET Framework .NET Framework 4.5 running on the Windows 8 operating system, sorting, casing, normalization, and Unicode character information conforms to the Unicode 6.0 standard. On other operating systems, it conforms to the Unicode 5.0 standard. 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The value returned by the block will be substituted for the match on each call. bytes = "ab☃".each_byte Scallop Lace Trim Briefs $7.95 Washing Machine Cleaner Strapless Bras54 wallpaper Aggregate(IEnumerable, TAccumulate, Func) Aggregate(IEnumerable, TAccumulate, Func) Aggregate(IEnumerable, TAccumulate, Func) Aggregate(IEnumerable, TAccumulate, Func) Microfiber Push-Up Bra Set Python PIP Costume Core 2.2.0 Party Favors More $9.99 USD (46)4.6 out of 5 stars REQUEST A CATALOG 48500ms (fastest; the differences are small but this held true across multiple runs of the test, and this was always the fastest variable encapsulation style) " 1.2".to_f(whitespace: false) # raises ArgumentError ' 1 4 4 sw->WriteLine(" {0,10}: {1,7} {2, 38}", name, Notes Starting with version 17, the quotation mark (") is replaced by its HTML reference character (") in strings supplied for the name parameter. 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