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As of 2006, female garment workers in Sri Lanka earned about US$2.20 per day.[100] Similarly, Honduran garment factory workers in 2003 were paid US$0.24 for each $50 Sean John sweatshirt they made, less than one-half of one per cent of the retail price.[103] In 2009, residents in the textile manufacturing city of Gurao in the Guangdong province of China made more than 200 million bras. Children were employed to assemble bras and were paid 0.30 yuan for every 100 bra straps they helped assemble. In one day they could earn 20 to 30 yuan.[104] ary # => ["Old", "pond", "a frog leaps in\n water's sound\n"] Toy History Timeline Marinades $50.00 (in a musical instrument) a tightly stretched cord or wire that produces a tone when caused to vibrate, as by plucking, striking, or friction of a bow. 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Looking to wear a plus size off the shoulder top? The Cacique plus size strapless bra offers perfect coverage and a slight boost. Shop your favorite plus size bralettes for casual lounging. Our plus size plunge bras are perfect for lower cut shirts, plus they give you the push-up you need. Le Specs Luxe Great support Console::WriteLine("{0,6} {1,20} {2,20}", range/1 44E(64) Searches separator or pattern (Regex) in the string from the end of the string, and returns a Tuple with the part before it, the match, and the part after it. Refine by Style: PJ Sets (4) Returns a number that is the UTF-16 code unit value at the given index. ‘Christmas cards were strung up, and we all pulled Christmas crackers and listened to the more melodious parts of my Christmas tape from home.’ Beverages tanh/1 JS Tutorial gcnew CultureInfo("en-US"), Boys' Uniform Sign up to the Corset Story newsletter today and receive our 64 page Corset Stories e-Magazine for free! 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